Despite our best intentions, unfortunately, sometimes roles are filled at the last minute. If you’ve taken on a Grammarian (or Word Master) or Invocation role at a moment’s notice, a repository of quotes and words of the day can help. Here are some guidelines:

You can store this information for yourself or others. For in-person meetings, printouts can be made of inspiring quotes and words of the day, and stored in a folder in the Sergeant at Arms box.

It’s more helpful to have Words of the Day stockpiled. Inspiring quotes can easily be obtained on a smartphone right before a meeting; however, stockpiling quotes may still be useful for some members.

You can enhance your quote or word with graphic design. Many quote sites, in particular, have this feature built in.

Here’s a Willie Nelson quote about positive thoughts.
  • Inspiring Quotes also provides quotes in an attractive looking format. Here’s an example:
Here’s a Marie Curie quote about fear.
  • You can also use any program you wish to enhance your visuals. For example, you could use Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft PowerPoint. For Toastmasters purposes, however, the best choice may very well be Canva. The free version is easy to use, fairly powerful, and leads to visually appealing results, even if you’re not a graphic designer. Here’s an example of a Word of the Day graphic that was done in Photoshop:
I can’t resist cute kittens!

If you want to use visuals in a virtual meeting, ensure that your Zoom master (or other virtual meeting coordinator) knows about this ahead of time. Zoom masters tend not to have screen sharing set up by default for security reasons. Equally important, your screen sharing should be revoked once you are finished with your Invocation or Word of the Day introduction. This will enable you to vote for Best Speaker and other meeting contests.

For in-person meetings, make sure that your visuals can be seen. If your meeting takes place in a large room, visuals may hard to see. Make the Word of the Day as large as possible, and use a bold font.

Even if you don’t use visuals, it’s helpful to keep a repository anyway. Having a Word of the Day already waiting for you can be a great timesaver. Imagine having to decide upon a Word of the Day at the last minute, then finding a pen and paper, and then scribbling it on a piece of paper. Having a Word of the Day printed out ahead of time in a large, bold font will likely be more legible than most handwriting,

Don’t feel compelled to use visuals. Graphics can enhance your presentation, but are strictly optional.

I have to admit that our club has not stockpiled inspirational quotes, although we do have a stockpile for Words of the Day. Several members have used graphics for the Invocation while we’ve been meeting virtually..

Question: Do you or your club stockpile quotes and/or Words of the Day?